Rest In Peace Joan Fontaine: October 22nd, 1917 – December 15th, 2013

Hello dear readers.

Today we farewell the legendary Oscar winning actress Joan Fontaine, who passed away yesterday, Sunday December 15th, at the age of 96, at her home Villa Fontana in Carmel California, from natural causes.


Born on October 22nd, 1917, in Tokyo, Japan to parents Walter Augustus de Havilland & Lilian Augusta, who already had their daughter Olivia, who was born a year prior in July 1916.

As a child Fontaine suffered from various illnesses, and after consulting the doctor who suggested they vacate to a healthy environment in order to improve Joan’s health, Joan along with her mother and sister located to Saratoga, California, where Joan’s health rapidly progressed.

Joan Fontaine

In 1935, Joan followed in her sisters footsteps and pursued a career in acting. Appearing in several films including “The Women” 1939, starring Joan Crawford and Norma Shearer. It wasn’t until she was cast in Alfred Hitchcock’s first American film “Rebecca” 1940, that Joan made her big break. After the release of “Rebecca” Joan became a screen sensation over night and was nominated for an Oscar for her famous portrayal of the Second Mrs. de Winter. Though she never attained the Oscar that year, luck came her way the following year when she took the Oscar home for her second Hitchcock film “Suspicion” starring Cary Grant.


Joan continued starring in an array of successful films in the 1940’s. She acquired her third Oscar nomination in 1943 for her role in “The Constant Nymph” and went on to achieve high recognition in other films. In the 1950’s her status began to decline, so Joan tried her hand at other mediums including stage production and television, which grew efficacious acclaim and her popularity exacerbated to great heights.

Retiring in 1994, after a successful career in film, Joan resided in Carmel, California, where she looked after her four dogs and tended to her gardens. In October she celebrated her 96th Birthday, and gave her final interview to fellow blogger and friend Lara Gabrielle.

Sadly Joan Fontaine died yesterday at the age of 96. She is survived by her sister Olivia de Havilland, who the two shared a lifelong feud, which resulted in the two sisters to lose correspondence with each other.


Rest In Peace dear Joan. I love you and miss you. Now you are a beautiful shining star in heaven. You’re memory will live on through your large spate of films and adoring legion of fans. Sleep well sweetheart.


Written by Crystal Kalyana Crawford.

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One Response to Rest In Peace Joan Fontaine: October 22nd, 1917 – December 15th, 2013

  1. A great talent & beauty. The perfect, demure ingenue and lady in distress.

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